About Us

Academy was created in Jan 2002 by the vision of Mr. R.S Mohan Graduate from MNNIT, Allahabad and Post Graduate from IIT Delhi. Now, academy is group of IlTians & PhDs to set the launching pad for the serious IIT-JEE /Medical Aspirants. Ever since it was started, academy has been going at a breathtaking pace in just span of about twenty years, students have shown achievements which are unmatchable in the History of any Institute in NCR and North India. PASE Classes has also made its distinct mark in the capital city Lucknow. It is now catering to the students of Lucknow who were looking for able guidance that would help them in their academic performance in school as well as stay ahead in competitive examinations.

The excellent expertise and “TO THE POINT “methodology has grown confidence, will power and determination among the students and parents. Today PASE Classes is a leading Institute in U.P. for its quality of teaching and corporatised system and structure.

All these achievements could be possible only due to the blessing of Almighty, optimized planning and its implementation, taking timely feedback from students and quick remedies to overcome the shortcomings on the regular basis. Right from the beginning PASE Classes had the vision of establishing a corporatised structure and the underlying systems. PASE Classes knows the importance of constant grooming of its employees and thus has strong and systematic training programs. Today, PASE Classes stands for a healthy set of corporate values and is regarded as a formidable education brand. PASE Classes pioneered a specific IQ Test to ascertain the temperament and potential of a student for IIT-JEE / Medical. The student’s score in this test helps us judge, at the beginning itself his / her potential and the level of input required for his / her success. This makes our Classroom Program very effective as we know in advance, the level of input needed for different students.

Our Strength

The Faculty:

The group of highly educated professionals comprises of IMans, engineers, PhD’s and other experts. The qualification and vast experience of our faculty help to guide the aspirants for IIT-JEE, other Engineering Entrance Exams & Pre Medical Exams. The excellent expertise & lb the point’. methodology which reduce the difficult problem to easy grasping level. We are proud to have full time professionals, who are always ready to devote extra time to the students for doubt clearing.

The Study Material:

The study material is prepared by our experts after an intensive research, which is very precise and can be grasped by students of all levels. Besides material, students are provided daily practice problems 13.P.P.. on regular basis to be done at home and submitted to the institute for evaluation. At the end of session advanced level assignments are provided to give extra grooming, to avoid the fear of solving tough problems at examinations

Performance Evaluation: We understand without output, no input is valuable. Performance of every student is monitored regularly by taking them through weekly tests. Comparative report cards bearing the rank in whole batch is sent to the parents. SMS containing result is also sent to parents on their mobile. The shortcomings in the tests are individually marked & students are counselled by teacher to perform better. Records of test and assignment submitted are kept in a dossier of individual student.


We believe cool & comfort place is necessary for concentration. We have air-conditioned class rooms with vibrant colour walls to maintain enthusiasm. To take care of .11 hygiene RO system for drinking water and tea, coffee vending machine is used . We have ample parking space to avoid any complicity and trespassing.

Class Room Strength: We put only 40 students in a class to maintain the quality, where teachers recognize every student. Faculty teaches in his/her original voice instead of having mike or screen which has no interaction between faculty and students and only front seaters are benefitted.


State of art library having finest collection of books for IIT-JEE and Medical of different authors students can get the book issued for three days.

Regular Interaction with Parents:

Feed back about progress of students is provided through parent teacher meeting held every month. parents get the report about tests and assignment maintained in individual dossier.